Jefferson Funeral Chapel

Providing a complete range of Burial, Cremation and Memorial Service options. 

Serving Northern VA and the greater DMV Community

Most funeral homes are named after the business owner’s family and this tradition remains true here in the Northern Virginia community. This can be deceiving. When the business changes ownership, the family name typically stays the same in order to keep the reputation and persona within the community. When comparing funeral service providers, we encourage you to ask about the business environment and ownership as we feel it reflects strongly on how families are treated and who is caring for them. 

At Jefferson Funeral Chapel, we use a family name that has true roots to Virginia and a legacy of American tradition.  Thomas Jefferson is one of our most notable forefathers and it seems only fitting to carry on the heritage of serving our community. Jefferson Funeral Chapel is owned by three families who are Northern Virginians just like you.  We grew up here, we raise our families here and we expect to stay here for a long time to come.

Many Northern Virginia funeral homes are owned by large corporations and conglomerates.  Their priority is profit.  They have quotas to meet in order to satisfy their obligation to shareholders. At Jefferson Funeral Chapel, you will always feel welcome and will never feel pressure to spend.  Our priority is service; our obligation is to you. 

We offer elegant rooms for family gatherings, newly renovated state of the art media technology services, a formal secular chapel that comfortably seats 175 guests, and handpicked professionals to guide you through the difficult choices and decisions you will need to make at such an unfavorable time. We will offer options and guidance for burial, cremation, and military services.  We are also versed in assisting with the need for service in other cities or other countries. We pride ourselves in quality family service well above our competitor’s high pressured merchandising. No two funerals are the same.  You should be treated fairly and individually, not just as another number.

Celebrating a life is one of the most important events families can hold.  Much like a birth or a wedding, a funeral is a rite of passage. At Jefferson, we specialize in personalizing this important experience.  This community is extremely diverse. Likewise, Jefferson’s staff has a wealth of knowledge in non-sectarian services, as well as the diverse funeral rites in all faith and religious backgrounds in this area.

A funeral means many things to many people. What is universal is the changing role of each family member when a loved one is no longer with us. After the upheaval of the few first weeks following a funeral service, many people feel alone.  We are sensitive to those feelings of discomfort, sadness and confusion.  We can suggest neighborhood bereavement support groups and recommend resource materials to help ease this arduous transition.

Please feel free to call upon us at any time. Our professional directors are pleased to answer any questions you might have concerning options, logistics, services and prices. Of course there is no obligation to you.