Novel Coronavirus

Jefferson Funeral Chapel’s goal is to serve our community. We are proud to offer a personal touch in providing a privately owned and operated service to the DMV. In order to continue to serve, we must help ourselves and our community stay safe and healthy during this difficult time. We want to be a part of the solution, not be a part of the problem. We will continue to stay informed from the Federal and Local agencies research. Jefferson will implement the necessary procedures to stay within the best guidelines and recommendations as possible. 

COVID-19 Procedure Policy

While in our building we ask that everyone has a face mask on at all times if possible. Please practice social distance of 6 feet between each person. We realize it is only natural to express physical signs of sympathy however, please express condolences verbally. 

Hosting events at Jefferson – (Gatherings, Viewings, Services, etc.) We strongly recommend keeping all service details private and for invitation only in order to have control of the number of attendees. However, we will publicize events at your requests.

We will enforce the event size that is recommended by the current research. We ask that the size of events be limited to 75 people at a time. Specifically, during visitation/gathering hours 50 in attendance and during a chapel service 75 in attendance. This does not include our staff, clergy or related professionals associated with the event. If the number of attendees reaches more than 50, we will ask you to reduce the size of the gathering. If the number of attendees does not decrease, we will terminate the event. (Please note that our parking lot is part of our property and will be considered toward the number of attendees of an event.) 

We strongly recommend and encourage live streaming of any and all of the events. (Facebook live, FaceTime, Zoom,  etc.)

We respectfully wish to serve our community and be a safe place for caring for our loved ones. Please respect our policy and help us help our community.


All of us here at Jefferson. 

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